Tsvetkova Nadezhda Aleksandrovna was born in Russia, Moscow in 1976.
Graduated from Moscow Pedagogical University. Sholokhov. By specialty «Teacher of Fine Arts».

She regularly participates in exhibitions.

Nadezhda’s paintings are stored in many private collections not only in Russia but also abroad.

The artist’s works are diverse, and it is difficult to attribute them to any one genre.

This is not only colorful impressionistic landscapes, a special place among which is occupied by the artist’s favorite city landscape, and still lifes

The author also paints surreal abstract paintings. Where the images are full of deep meaning and encourage the viewer to reflect on eternal topics.


Exhibition «Christmas Meetings 2024» Exhibition Hall Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow.

1.09.2023 — 27.01.2024
Festival «Time Forward» from the Union of Artists of Russia, participant of season 5.

7.09 — 4.10.2023
Exhibition «Moscow. Modern» Pharmaceutical garden of Moscow State University, Moscow.

11.05.2023 – 11.06.2023
Exhibition «Rebirth» Darwin Museum, Moscow.

Exhibition «Voice of Cities.» Erarta Gallery, St. Petersburg.

Exhibition and competition «Art of Still Life» Exhibition Hall of the Moscow Union of Artists, Moscow. 1st place in the nomination «Fruit and berry still life.»

Exhibition «Wow» Gallery «Here on Taganka,» Moscow.

Exhibition «Culture and traditions of the peoples of Russia.» Denis Davydov Cultural Center, Moscow.

Exhibition «Why Android nature?» Moscow, Darwin Museum.

Exhibition «City Music» dedicated to the urban landscape. Venue: concert and exhibition hall «House of Naschekin», Moscow.

The exhibition «Anniversary», uniting the work of 63 artists of various artistic directions.
Venue: Art Gallery «Apartment 10» on Mokhovaya St., Moscow

In May 2020, due to the closure of all galleries in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, 100 artists presented their paintings to the public in the online space of the creative association “Apartment 10”.