Exhibition “Why Android nature?”

By creating artificial intelligence, humanity opened Pandora’s box. Exhibition-reflection.

Moscow, Darwin Museum.

The exhibition “People and feelings”

Exhibition-competition of paintings by artists from different countries and trends in painting.
The topic is the interaction of men and women.
Venue: Gostiny Dvor St., Moscow.

Exhibition «Home concert». 

In May 2020, due to the closure of all galleries in the midst of the coronavirus epidemic, 100 artists presented their paintings to the public in the online space of the creative association “Apartment 10”.

The exhibition “Anniversary”

The exhibition uniting the work of 63 artists of various artistic directions.
Venue: Art Gallery “Apartment 10” on Mokhovaya St., Moscow.

Exhibition “City Music“ dedicated to the urban landscape.

Venue: concert and exhibition hall “House of Naschekin”, Moscow.