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  3. Lefortovo Park. Grotto Rastrelli

Lefortovo Park. Grotto Rastrelli

This fine motif was written in plein air. The weather was difficult: either a thunderstorm with wind and lightning, or partly cloudy, but I am glad that I managed to finish the picture.

The architect Rastrelli finalized in the Baroque style and decorated the grotto created by his predecessor, commissioned by Queen Anna Ioannovna.
She made Lefortovo Park her favorite residence.
Unfortunately, some of the beauty has not survived to this day. Quote:

«In the central niche was placed a stone statue of Hercules, in front of which were three stone seals, with pipes for the water beating from them.
On the sides of the lower platform lined with white stone slabs were two stone sphinxes. »
Well, my childhood memories are connected with Lefortovo Park, I lived nearby.

910 $

Size: 40х50 сm.

Canvas on cardboard, Оil