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  3. Lines of life. The idea of ​​the creator of existence

Lines of life. The idea of ​​the creator of existence

The painting was created for two years.

The idea came when I walked in Kolomenskoye Park, and I saw cracks on the path of a hill slope. One-in-one crack pattern resembles a lightning pattern.

The same branched structure is a tree trunk pattern. In the wood sheet, you will also see a drawing of a branching structure, these are lines on the palm of a person, and the streets of cities, if you look at them from above.

Even the lines of ocean waves branch, only their branches are very winding.

Everything living in this world has this pattern of branching structures like our nerves inside us.

In the center of the picture in a circle depicting the trunk of the tree of time, a schematic drawing of structures, God’s plan. And from the outside — a continuous embodiment of this in reality.

As in the real world, these structures are fouled with details, and are specified in living things and in nature.

9722 $

Size: 50х70 cm

Canvas on cardboard, acrylic, liners