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  3. Metro 2033. Artyom

Metro 2033. Artyom

The picture was written after I read the first book of the trilogy – Dmitry Glukhovsky’s novel Metro 2033.

The plot of the novel is Moscow after the nuclear war. The surviving people live in the dungeon of the subway.
There are monsters on the ground, monsters, and in the tunnels is turbulent.
Mystical and quite real dangers haunt Artem, the protagonist, while he walks through the tunnels with a special mission.

In the picture, Artem with a machine gun is reflected in the pupil of the Black looking at him.

What did the blacks look like? Mutants, a special race of people who managed to survive on the surface and have unusual abilities? It would be interesting to ask the author, in the book I did not find an exact description.

Therefore, I painted the Black with an eye like a lizard – these creatures are able to survive the nuclear winter.

If you read this book, I would love your impressions, write them here:


45х50 cm.

Paper, mascara, markers, watercolor, liners.


Size: 45х50 сm.

Paper, mascara, markers, watercolor, liners.