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  3. Treasures of the seas. Cousteau

Treasures of the seas. Cousteau

The picture was painted under the impression of the books of Jacques-Yves Cousteau. Books where the sea splashes in every page.

The ancient Greek amphora in the center of the painting has the seal of wine merchant Mark Sestios.
From its 1st century BC sunken culprit, Cousteau divers took out ancient amphorae.

Quote: “I could not resist, I really wanted to taste the wine, which is two thousand years old. Having swallowed a grave drink, I seemed to taste the age of our ancient world. ”

The inscription “Calypso” is the name of Captain Cousteau’s ship. This charismatic man not only communicated with the powerful, participated in the invention of scuba diving and the world’s first immersion in bathyscaphe.
He left beautiful books about the seas, their rare inhabitants, and his adventures.


1055 $

Size: 50х50 сm.

Оil on canvas