Feng shui: history. Using water and its images indoors to raise money

Feng shui masters Yang Yun Sun and Jiang Da Hong

Feng shui masters Yang Yun Sun and Jiang Da Hong

Master Yang Yun Sun is considered one of the founders of feng shui, the ancient Chinese art of space harmonization.

In his teachings, great importance was attached to the use of water as a symbol of prosperity. Yang Yun Sun is known for the energy distribution system he developed, which he called the «Heavenly Platform Formula.» It determined the optimal location for the placement of water elements.

Scholar and sage Yang Yun Sun was born in 823.

The time of his youth was not easy. During the wars raging in China, he tried to write his treatises. At one point, he realized that the amount of book knowledge was insufficient to fully understand the principles of water and land management. Therefore, the scientist decided to leave the city in which he lived.

A long but fruitful period of wandering has come. Within 20 years, he was able to develop science accessible to the general public.

During nature observations, Yang Yun Sun noticed how to properly form energy routes. And the most powerful energy channels were located among mountain ranges and caves containing minerals.

горы китая

During the course of his journey, the scientist made thoughts and new ideas from his experience with the inhabitants of rural settlements, and soon the fame of his art spread to the most remote corners of China.

His system became the basis for landscape feng shui, and 100 years later an educational institution arose where complex calculations and formulas of feng shui were taught.

One of Yang Hun Song’s followers — Master Jiang Da Hong — continued his work and delved into the role of water in feng shui. He argued that water was a key factor in ensuring wellbeing and prosperity in the home. According to the master, properly placed water is able to activate the positive energy of qi and attract wealth.

Flying Star School in Fen Shui

школа летящих звезд в фен шуй

Sam Chuk Yin is a closer master to modern times. The author of the famous book «Le­tyashchiye Stars of Master Sam.» The book was published at the end of the reign of the Qing dynasty (1644-1911) and since then has been considered by followers of feng shui to be something like the bible of the «Flying Star School.»

The name «Feng Shui» comes from Guo Po’s «Book of the Dead.» Feng Shui is a teaching on how to use the «Mountain» so as to protect Qi from dispersal and how to use the «Water» to preserve Qi for his good. How can we know where the Mountain is needed and where is the Water? The answer must be found in the «Map of Flying Stars.»

There are three cards that need to be matched and taken into account:

  • terrestrial
  • heavenly
  • and personal

Sam Chuk Yin also developed the concept of using water elements to achieve financial success and wealth. He argues that the location of water in certain areas of the home can stimulate the flow of favorable energy and boost financial luck.

Water by feng shui to attract wealth

Water is one of the most powerful symbols of feng shui prosperity. The location of water in the house can significantly affect the financial situation of residents. It is important to choose the right place to place it.

According to the teachings of feng shui, it is recommended to place water in zones related to wealth, such as the southeast and northwest.

It can be a fountain, an aquarium or even a simple bowl of water. The main rule is that water should be clean, fresh and constantly updated.

Feng shui paintings: Images of moving water to attract money and prosperity

пейзажи с морем по фен шуй для богатства

Another way to use water to attract wealth are paintings of moving water. Images of waterfalls or seascapes can symbolize flows of wealth and an influx of luck.

It is recommended to place such pictures in an area related to finances, for example, above the desktop or next to bank documents.

And also in the initial reception area or in the room where you most often work.

Such premises can be your office, or living room, as well as a hall.

You can purchase paintings with the sea on this site. The author’s seascapes with oil on canvas from the artist Nadezhda Tsvetkova in asstoriment are presented in the section «painting

(In the photo: paintings «Barents Sea» and «Sea. Relax «)

Colors and geometry of the room by feng shui

цвета и геометрия помещения по фен шуй

In feng shui, the geometry of the room, the arrangement of furniture and the color scheme are also important for strengthening the aspect of water.

To attract wealth and prosperity in the design of rooms, it is recommended to use the following colors in combination with the main, or separately:

  • Gold and yellow: associated with wealth and prosperity.
  • Green: Symbolises growth, renewal and financial well-being.
  • Blue and black: Can strengthen the energy of wealth and help maintain financial stability.

Room Geometry Guidelines for Feng Shui

  • Straight lines and sharp angles: such geometry emphasizes activity and dynamics, which contributes to the inflow of funds.
  • Round shapes: symbolize the continuous movement of energy and can attract luck and prosperity.

Tips for decorating the hallway by feng shui

The mirror for all people is a mandatory element of the hallway, but it must be placed strictly away from the front door. It is strictly forbidden to place reflecting surfaces opposite the entrance to the apartment by feng shui, this can lead to the circulation of negative energy flows.

Instead of a mirror opposite the entrance, you can place, for example, a picture.

In rooms for the additional attraction of health and wealth, the presence of live indoor flowers or animals is desirable. Such an interior element can be an aquarium inhabited by fish.

In the hallway, decorated in feng shui, qi energy circulates, and it is better to place the paintings in juicy and bright colors.

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