Gray in the interior. Decor kitchen, living room, bedrooms for interior in gray colors

The gray color in the interior tends to give the room elegance and style. It is a moderate and versatile shade that allows you to create a variety of interiors, from extravagant to classic. In this article, we will look at what colors gray combines in the interior, and also analyze how to correctly select the details of the decor for the gray interior.

The combination of colors in the interior is key when creating a harmonious and attractive design. In the case of grey, it can work perfectly with other shades.

  • White
  • Black
  • Beige
  • Blue
  • Dark brown
  • Green

For example, a gray interior with white curtains or a sofa will create an atmosphere of cleanliness and freshness, and a combination of gray and black will add rigor and elegance to the interior.

«American Classic» Interior Grey

The interior style of «American Classics» is a fashionable current trend. Grey combined with discreetly beige, grey with violet. Also inherent in this style are combinations with brown, white and black.

In the «American» interior, all lines run parrally. And as if each other was mirrored.

And here we mean not only elements of a headset or decor.

Literally everything should be «paired»: ceiling beams, door and window openings, chairs or armchairs, even vases and lamps.

The center of the entire composition is not mirrored.

American Classic-style living room. In this room, the center is most often a fireplace. Real or artificial.

In the design of such an interior, ornament is used quite rarely.

Basically, this style is characterized by plain surfaces, without a pattern.

Ornament in «American classics» is possible on pillows or carpets. These are mainly diamonds, zigzags, stripes, quatrefoils. At the same time, all the drawings are monochrome and are not knocked out of the general key.

Grey interior curtains

When selecting curtains in a gray interior, it is necessary to take into account the general style of the room. If you want to create a low-key and luxurious look, then it’s worth choosing curtains made of dense matter, such as velvet or silk, with gold or silver elements. If you prefer a lighter and more airy interior, then it is better to choose curtains made of light fabric, for example, chiffon or organza, using delicate pastel shades.

Wallpaper for grey interior

Wallpaper choices also play an important role in the grey interior. Here, the key points are color and texture. The gray color of the walls can be either light or dark, and depending on this, the overall atmosphere in the room will change. For example, light gray walls will create a sense of space and light, and dark gray walls will give the interior warmth and comfort.

As for the texture of the wallpaper, various options can be used here — from smooth matte plasters to embossed wallpapers with some volume. This approach will add interest and dynamics to the room.

Combination with gray in the interior of the living room

Grey in the interior of the living room allows you to create a stylish and cozy space for relaxing and meeting friends.

For the living room, combinations of grey with soft shades of beige or light brown are ideal. Such combinations will create an atmosphere of calm and comfort. Don’t forget the details of the decor too, such as pillows, throws and fresh flowers, which will add freshness and bright accents.


Combining colours with grey in the bedroom interior is a great choice to create an atmosphere of peace and relaxation. In this case, grey shades can be explored in combination with pastel and delicate flowers such as mint, lavender or powdery pink. Beige, ivory color. This range of colors will help create a relaxing atmosphere and promote quality sleep.


Grey in the kitchen interior allows you to create a modern and functional image. Here you can combine gray with other shades, such as white, black or red, to create contrast and focus on some elements of the kitchen interior. For example, a gray apron or kitchen island will make a personal touch in the gray interior of the kitchen.

Decor and paintings

Choosing the details of the decor for the gray interior, you can go either along the path of contrasts, or restraint and calm.

  1. Contrast. Use various accent colors that will attract the eye, such as bright pillows, carpets or paintings.The style of paintings is abstractionism with geometric figures in color, which is contrasted but at the same time blends well with gray.Also, landscapes with a bright sunset, evening sea are suitable for contrast.
  1. If you chose the option of calm combinations of colors, choose a cityscape for the gray interior. The streets of the old city will add an element of classics and perfectly complement the image.

Landscapes with large masses of open space with calm lighting will also be good — a mountain landscape, the sea to the horizon.

On this site you can buy for the gray interior author’s oil paintings (example in the photo above). Landscapes of the artist Nadezhda Tsvetkova, participants in many Russian and international exhibitions.

Grey in the interior: a selection of matching colors

Overall, grey in the interior is a versatile and stylish solution.

How to choose a combination of colors in interior design, what to rely on?

Remember the rule of a pair of colors — to achieve harmony, only two colors are not enough, you need to add a few more to create a musical combination. However, the main ones in the formation of style and design should be two main colors. The first base color should be neutral and dominant, and the second should complement it, be brighter and richer.

  1. Itton’s color circle is a useful tool with which you can easily find a successful combination of colors. On its circle are colors and shades divided into sectors, and inside there is a triangle.Harmonious contrast is achieved if the colors and shades are opposite each other on the circle. A harmonious combination is obtained if the colors are located at the vertices of the inner triangle.By rotating the triangle, you can change colors and shades.

  1. The interior color mix table simplifies the task of «coloristic combinatorics.» It provides information about the compatibility of shades, which allows you to think over the entire design in advance.

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