Mountain landscape in the work of classical and modern artists

The mountain landscape has always been and remains one of the most appealing themes in art. Artists with talent and skill convey the greatness and power of mountains through their paintings.

Paintings with views of the mountains attract with their power and beauty, causing the viewer a feeling of appeasement and admiration. In this article, we take a look at some prominent artists reflecting mountain landscapes and learn how to beautifully oil the mountain landscape in an apartment.

History: mountain landscapes in the work of classical artists

  1. Archip of Quinji

Архип Куинджи горный пейзаж

Paintings with views of mountains have a long tradition in art. They allow artists to express their vision of this stunning landscape and convey its emotional power. One of the famous artists who worked with the mountain landscape was Archip Kuindzhi. His paintings of the mountain, for example, «Kazbek,» amaze with their realism and accuracy of transferring the atmosphere of the area. Every touch of it creates a sense of space and volume.

In the photo mountain landscape: Archip Kuindzhi: «Elbrus.»

In 1888, Kuindzhi, at the invitation of the traveling artist N. A. Yaroshenko, visited the Caucasus, where they witnessed the rarest mountain phenomenon — the Broken ghost (reflecting their enlarged figures on a rainbow-colored cloud). Upon returning to St. Petersburg, an unusually impressed painter created a number of beautiful mountain landscapes in which romanticism finally merged with a philosophical landscape. The main feature of the paintings was the idea of ​ ​ the Caucasus as a symbol of a certain ideal and unattainable country.

  1. Nicholas Roerich

николай рерих картины горы

Another outstanding person is a representative in the painting of the mountain landscape. As well as a thinker, writer, traveler, archaeologist.

His paintings of the mountain take the viewer into a world of mystical and mysterious landscapes. Roerich was able to convey not only the greatness of nature, but also its spiritual essence. Each of his paintings becomes a window into another world, filled with mystery and depth.

The views of the mountains in his work were inspired by the Central Asian artist’s expedition (India, Tibet).

During the expedition, about five hundred paintings were created, on which the artist displayed a picturesque panorama of the expeditionary route, a series of paintings «Himalayas» was started, mountain landscapes of paintings of the series «Maitreya,» «Sikkim Way,» «His Country,» «Teachers of the East» and others were created.

In the photo of the painting of the mountains of Nicholas Roerich: «Himalayas,» «Nanda-Davy.»


  1. Heinrich Semiradsky

Горный пейзаж Генрих Семирадский

An artist known for his vivid and expressive work. He graduated from the St. Petersburg Academy of Painting. In his paintings, the mountains are full of movement and energy, they seem to come to life on canvas. Semiradsky used bright colors and dynamic shapes to convey the power and drama of the mountain landscape.

Semiradsky spent most of his active life in Italy, briefly coming on business to St. Petersburg and Warsaw, and spending the summer on a Polish estate.

The sunny mountains in the paintings of Semiradsky are for the most part the background to multi-figure compositions of the foreground, but how masterfully the mountains are spelled out, and what an aerial perspective and lightness in them.

Photo mountain landscapes: Heinrich of Semirad «Rome. Village, «» At the source. »

  1. Paul Gaugin

Гоген горные пейзажи

A French post-impressionist artist who also created stunning mountain landscapes.

One of the famous paintings with views of the Gauguin mountains is «Sacred Mountain.» This work conveys a sense of the boundless power of nature and its greatness. Gauguin boldly uses bright colors and catchy shapes to convey the emotions and mood of the mountain landscape.

The painting «At the Foot of the Mountain» is picturesque. The landscape was painted on the southern shore of Tahiti Tahiti and depicts the area near the village of Matayea, where Gauguin lived from late 1891 to mid-1893

Paul Gauguin: «Sacred Mountain,» «At the Foot of the Mountain.»

  1. Thomas Hill

Томас Хилл горный пейзаж

19th-century American landscape painter.

It is famous for its mountainous views of Scotland and Wales. Thomas Hill’s work is bound to delight in its colourful details and lively hues. One of his famous paintings — «The Mountain Peaks of Wales» — takes the viewer directly to the top of the mountain, capturing him with a wave of energy and power of nature.

Thomas Hill also depicted beautiful views of the West Coast mountain ranges of the United States. His famous landscape painting «Rockies» is a stunning panoramic view of Colorado’s famous mountains.

In the photo of Thomas Hill’s painting: «Peaks of the Mountains,» «El Capitan Rock.»

  1. Katsushika Hokusai

Кацусика Хокусай горный пейзаж

A Japanese artist of the Edo era, known for his prints, he was also attracted to the theme of mountain landscapes.

The series of prints «36 types of Fujiyama» became a classic of Japanese art.

Hokusai began making the first sketches for this series in 1830, when he was 70 years old.

Each of the 36 views of Mount Fuji in his paintings is carefully created using lines and tones, and conveys the uniqueness of each moment in the life of the sacred mountain peak.

Katsushika Hokusai: «Inume Pass in Kae Province,» «Pine in Aoyama.»

Mountain landscapes on canvas become a window into another world — a world of nature full of mysteries and beautiful views. They help us take a break from the daily bustle and enjoy the beauty of the world around us. Looking at paintings with views of mountains, we can feel free and closer to nature. Breathe in her energy and enjoy her beauty.

Famous contemporary artists are masters of landscape with views of mountains

The mountainous landscape, with its majestic peaks, powerful slopes and beautiful landscapes, still serves as an inspiration for artists to this day. In this subsection, we will look at several famous contemporary artists whose paintings with views of mountains are a real work of art.

1  Ilya Chirun

Горные пейзажи Ильи Чируна

Picture of the mountain: «» Red Glade «from the series» Rosa Khutor »

Ilya Chirun is a famous Russian impressionist artist; in his landscapes of nature, mountain landscapes of Sochi and Crimea occupy an important place. His work is striking for its accuracy in conveying details of nature. Choosing a warm color palette, the artist skillfully transmits the first rays of the sun, illuminating the slope through the clouds and creating a unique atmosphere of a sunny day in the mountains.

  1. Johannes Kjärval

горные пейзажи Йоханнес Кьярваль

Painting «Mountain Milk.»

Famous Icelandic artist. Iceland is a land of picturesque mountains and fjords.

In Fjallamjolka, the white water in the center of the image next to a textured earth palette echoes Chiarval’s penchant for appearing both supernatural and natural in his paintings.

This is reinforced by the unusual prospect of traditional land, sea and sky increments being shifted so that long-range plans become close. The landscape becomes a model in the artist’s presence, thanks to detail and expression in minute detail in moss and rock crevices.

Since childhood, Jouhannes Kjarval was fond of drawing. Due to the lack of funds, Kjarval could not fully engage in painting, and therefore was forced to devote almost all his time to fishing in order to feed himself and his relatives.

By the age of 27, Jouhannes Kjarval was finally able to enter the art academy.

Currently, Jóhannes Kjárval is considered one of the leading Icelandic artists of the 20th century, and he is named after state museums and galleries in Iceland.

  1. Elena Tyazhkorob

пейзаж горы елена тяжкороб

Mountain landscape painting «On the Chuya River.»

Elena Tyazhkorob is a Russian artist whose paintings of mountains painted in open air delight the viewer with their impressionistic colors. Her work «On the Chuya River» shows the power and strength of the mountain river, as well as man’s admiration for the natural elements. Elena skillfully recreates the dynamics of a mountain river and conveys a sense of expanse that is hidden in mountain dales.

  1. Tsvetkova Nadezhda.

горные пейзажи надежды цветковой

Mountain painting: «Mountain Altai» and «Montenegro. Morning Bay. »

Russian artist, master of urban landscapes and paintings of nature. In her work, the mountains are also an inexhaustible source of inspiration.

The northern works of the artist, created on plein air and under the impressions of trips, are very picturesque and subtly convey the beauty of nature.

Gorny Altai, landscapes with hills of the Kola Peninsula. And also pleasing with delicate shades are the warm summer slopes of the mountains of Montenegro.

Pictures of Hope with views of the mountains can be bought on this site.

These artists are real masters of their craft, able to convey the beauty and emotions of the mountain landscape on the canvas. Their paintings with views of mountains are a real work of art, able to make the viewer plunge into the unique atmosphere of nature. Thanks to the talent of these artists, we can see the beauty of mountain landscapes in all its greatness and diversity.

How to choose a mountain landscape for the interior

The mountain landscape is one of the most impressive and exciting themes for painting. Paintings with views of the mountains create an atmosphere of calm, greatness of nature and allow you to plunge into the world of beautiful landscapes.

By feng shui, paintings depicting mountains serve to achieve internal harmony and gain true values.

If you want to add some mountain flavor to your apartment, then the solution is to purchase paintings with mountain views.

The mountain landscape can be made with oil, acrylic, or you can choose a print on canvas. In the case of oil paintings, you will get a real work of art that will be durable and retain its brightness for a long time.

The most interesting point is the choice of the mountain landscape itself for your interior. You can choose a painting with the image of high and snow-covered mountains, or with the image of summer pastorals with bright greens and flowering glades. Whatever you prefer, it is also important to take into account the general color scheme of your interior — the painting should correspond to the colors present in the room.

Snow-covered mountains will work well with white, black-and-white or blue decor interiors.

Green forests on the slopes of sunny summer mountains, will be well combined with the interior having beige or golden tones, with the interiors having dark wood furniture.

Where it is better to arrange the mountain landscape with oil

When you already have a picture with a mountain landscape, the question arises about its location indoors.

One of the most spectacular and popular options is placing the painting above the fireplace or between two windows. This arrangement will highlight the beauty of the landscape and create a special atmosphere in the room.

If you do not have the opportunity to place the painting in a prominent place, then you can choose other options: for example, arrange the painting as an accent element of decor on a shelf or dresser. The main thing is that it is clearly visible and adds special charm to your interior.

It is also worth paying attention to the frame for the picture. It must be harmoniously selected in style and color, so as not to distract attention from the landscape itself. You might like the wooden frames, which will add naturalness and warmth to your interior.

The main thing is to enjoy the beauty of the mountain landscape and paintings with views of the mountains. They will create a unique atmosphere in your home and will delight you. Mountain landscape drawing or mountain landscape picture will become an integral part of your interior and will give you a lot of pleasant sensations from contemplation.


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