Winter in the painting of artists. Classical Masters and Contemporaries

зимние пейзажи

The winter landscape in painting is not just a depiction of the cold season of the year, but also an opportunity for the artist to convey the unique mood, the play of light and shade in the snow, as well as the silence and mesmerizing beauty of nature in winter robes.

Snow scenes and frosty days became the object of inspiration for artists of various eras and nationalities, ranging from classical works created by masters of the past to modern paintings reflecting new views and performance techniques.

Artists of world classics, masters of winter landscape

зимний пейзаж Моне

The beautiful winter landscapes of foreign classics perfectly conveyed the beauty and atmosphere of winter.

Claude Monet, a famous French landscape painter, one of the founders of the Impressionism style, created a series of paintings «Morning on the Seine in Winter,» in which he sketched white fields and trees whitewashed with snow.

In his works «Boulevard Saint-Denis. Argenteuil «(pictured fragment) and» Snow in Argenteuil «Claude Monet presented the winter landscape with colors filled with light and airiness.

Monet wrote 18 works depicting his native commune of Argenteuil.

He was impressed by the views of this place, covered with snow, in the winter of 1874-1875. Most of the paintings in the series were painted on Boulevard Saint-Denis, near the house Monet and his family had recently moved into.

His beautiful winter landscapes are distinguished by the softness of color transitions and the ability to convey the transparency of winter air.

Брейгель зимний пейзаж

Peter Bruegel Sr., a Dutch landscape painter, is known for his excellent wintry landscapes.

For example, his painting «Winter Landscape with Skating and a Bird Trap» (pictured) is distinguished by the skill of transmitting a cloudy winter day, in full harmony with the traditions of Dutch painting.

Bruegel’s «Snow Hunters» is a true winter anthem. In this painting on canvas, the artist conveyed the severity and beauty of the snowy season.

In the foreground on the left are three tired hunters. They go home from the hunt without much trophy. Only one skinny fox has under its belt. In the center by the bush, we see a bird trap.

Below in the valley is a frozen river and an artificial pond. You can see the relief of the villages, diluted with domes of churches, a mill with an ice-covered wheel.

Лукас Ван Фалькенборх зимний пейзаж

Lucas Van Falkenborch, a Flemish painter who in his landscapes conveyed the whole magical mood of winter days, performed in pastel and cold colors.

In the painting «Winter Landscape near Antwerp during the snowfall,» the artist depicted children playing in the snow, dogs, a mill, and a river in the background. Across the river, the silhouettes of Antwerp’s houses can barely be seen through the shroud of snow.

зимний пейзаж Хокусай

Winter is very graphic — black branches, white snow. Not surprisingly, she inspired graphic artists and printmakers.

Japanese artist Katsushika Hokusai in 1814-1834 in the Japanese city of Nagoya released a series of illustrated albums «Hokusai Manga» (drawings by Hokusai).

The material for the release of «Manga» was Hokusai’s sketches made by him during a trip to the Kansai area.

In a series of wonderful graphic works, there are also his graceful winter landscapes, for example with needles in the snow (pictured).

Hokusai is also the author of the famous engravings «36 types of Fuji,» in the photo his engraving «Snowy Morning on the Koishikawa River.»

Winter paintings by Russian artists — beautiful landscapes of classics

картина зима Грабарь

Igor Grabar is a master of winter landscapes, he was very inspired by this time of year.

In the film «March Snow» conveyed the beauty of winter nature, emphasizing the cold and clean atmosphere of the day. A woman with a rocker walks through the dazzling snow, which is crossed by the blue shadows of trees.

In the film «February Azure» Igor Grabar managed to convey an amazing game of light in the snow, creating a feeling of depth and scale of winter space.

The artist painted the picture when he was visiting friends in the Dugino estate.

Quote from the master’s diary: «I stood near a wonderful specimen of birch, rare in the rhythmic structure of branches. Looking at her, I dropped the stick and bent down to lift it up.

When I looked at the top of the birch from below, from the surface of the snow, I was stunned by the spectacle of fantastic beauty that opened before me: some chimes and echoes of all the colors of the rainbow, united by blue enamel of the sky «.

зимние картины Саврасова

Alexey Savrasov is a master of winter landscapes, among which «The Rooks Flew» is especially famous.

The painting is stored in the Tretyakov Gallery.

In the foreground, the beginning to melt the snow. Birches with a pack of rooks in branches. Salt and shade of trees in the snow.

Savrasov wrote «Rook» when he was in the village of Molvitino, Kostroma Region.

The prototype of the temple depicted in the painting is the Resurrection Church of the 17th century (preserved to this day).

Картины зимы Кустодиева

Boris Kustodiev in his work «Winter» uses interesting color solutions to emphasize the crowded festivities in honor of the wires of winter.

His paintings are not only shades of winter, but also a reflection of the life of the people, like many other winter paintings of Russian realist artists.

Winter for the artist, as in the painting «Shrovetide» — these are booths, carousels, cheerful sledding, festive festivities. Direct contrast between gray and boring life.

Зимний пейзаж Шишкин

Ivan Shishkin devoted his painting «Winter in the Forest» to a certain state of winter forest, which is simply transformed in front of the viewer, conveying all the beauty and mystery.

The master of landscapes of nature, Shishkin in this work turned to the topic of winter numbness of nature. He conveys slightly noticeable reflexes in almost monochrome painting. Everything is submerged in shade and shackled by frost.

зимние картины Левитана

Isaac Ilyich Levitan, poet of the Russian landscape, in his works «Winter Landscape» and «The Village. Winter «makes the viewer feel the nostalgic melancholy characteristic of the Russian winter.

Painting winter landscape at Levitan becomes a reflection of endless beauty and at the same time the difficult fate of man in the face of nature.

Isaac Levitan painted most of his landscapes in plein air, from nature.

Painting «Village. Winter «Levitan finished in 1878. At that time, he was only 18 years old.

In the picture, a snow road with a slightly distinguishable earthwork leads the viewer deep into the picture, forming the basis of the composition. And on both sides of the well-worn path, village houses froze, the roofs of which covered a thick layer of snow cover.

Contemporary Winter Landscape Artists

Пейзажи маслом на холсте зима Колин Бердс

The famous English artist Colin W. Burns was born in 1944, his childhood passed in the seaside city of Norfolk.

However, the main motive of the artist’s work is the wildlife of Scotland. His work often reflects the warmth and pacification of the snow-covered corners of England, conveying the softness of the falling snow and the scarlet hues of the winter sun.

Colin W. Burns recreates all the charm and charm of the landscape in his paintings «Winter Sunset» and «Protected by the Wind.» Charming are his oil-on-canvas paintings of winter landscapes with silhouettes of castles against the background of snow, with rivers at sunset.

картины Густава Фьестада

The Norwegian artist Gustav Fiestad pleases the audience with his «The Middle of Winter on the Rakens Strand» and «The Snag of Life,» in which he conveys all the calm and at the same time magical atmosphere of a cold winter.

Gustav Fiestad was fascinated by the ice rivers back in the day when he was a speed skating athlete, winning prizes at international competitions.

The beauty of the icy spaces of rivers and lakes in different lighting forms the highlight of his magnificent winter paintings, creating an almost magical mood on his canvases.

зимние пейзажи Илья Чирун

Russian painter Ilya Chirun continues the traditions of winter paintings by Russian artists, bringing a modern spirit to them.

Ilya Chirun in his paintings «Forty Forty» and «Before Christmas» presented the winter snow mood. Lace branches of trees under snow and grass.

Зимние пейзажи Надежды Цветковой

Nadezhda Tsvetkova in realistic images of nature helps the viewer feel the frosty air and the silence of a snowy forest.

In the photo, the landscape of the artist «Spring Chermyanka» — with a river of meltwater in the first rays of the March sun. And the picture «Festive Evening.» Where the streets of a snowy medieval French city pull to walk along them and imbue with the New Year’s atmosphere.

Author’s paintings on canvas, winter landscapes of Nadezhda Tsvetkova, participants in many Russian and international exhibitions, you can buy on this site.

Winter landscape in the interior: features of selection and design

зимний пейзаж в интерьере

The winter landscape with paints on canvas most often has a restrained color. It carries an aura of calm and relaxation. Winter paintings are suitable for decorating an office, corridor, living room. They will be an excellent interior decoration.

In order for your living space to become especially cozy and individual, it is advisable to buy an oil painting with a winter landscape, choosing colors for the interior.

The green and blue shades of the interior will work perfectly with the wintry scenery, creating an atmosphere of cool and mesmerising silence.

The interior style of «American Classic» in fashionable white and gray tones is also ideal for placing wintry landscapes on the walls.

If you prefer a high-tech style and walls of laced concrete, match your wintry landscape with a succinct, stylish frame with no curls.

It is better to choose frames and accessories in cold colors for winter paintings. The baguette will be silver, or dark chocolate brown, or gray or black.

In conclusion, we can say that the winter landscape remains always relevant and delights us with its beauty. Each artist makes his own special contribution to this direction of painting, reflecting many different ideas and impressions.

And no matter how bright it is, or cold and mysterious, or black and white graphic, its charm will not leave anyone indifferent.

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