Art of the style of abstractionism: famous artists, features of abstract paintings

Abstractionism is a direction in the art of the 20th century, where instead of depicting reality, the emphasis is on formal elements such as line, plane, color spot and abstract configurations.

A number of artists are considered the founders of abstractionism, including Vasily Kandinsky, Pierre Mondrian and Kazimir Malevich.

These artists experimented with geometric shapes, colors, and lines, aiming to express profound ideas and emotions through abstract compositions.

This article covers the following topics:

Vasily Kandinsky

artist, one of the founders of the style of abstractionism.

In 1911, impressed by the book «Thought Forms,» the artist developed an innovative concept of the «rhythmic» use of color in painting.

He writes the famous treatise «On the Spiritual in Art» and moves from figurative painting to pure abstraction.

Among the famous artists of abstractionism, Vasily Kandinsky stands out for his works in which he investigated the harmony of color and form, for example, the painting «Composition VII.»

To buy Kandinsky’s abstraction paintings was a great success for collectors and connoisseurs of art.

In June 2017, two new records for the sale of Kandinsky’s works were set at the Sotheby’s auction in 22 minutes. The painting «Murnau — landscape with a green house» (pictured) was purchased for $26.7 million,

and «Painting with White Lines,» previously in the Tretyakov Gallery until 1974, was sold for $42 million.

Directions of style abstractionism, features of paintings

направления стиля абстракционизм

Abstractionism has several directions.

1 Geometric abstractionism uses geometric shapes and pure lines, creating strict compositions. (photo 1)

2 Color abstractionism emphasizes the role of color and its interaction in the work of the artist.

3 Minimalist abstractionism emphasizes simplicity and minimal use of elements.

4 Expressive abstractionism (photo 2) is an artistic movement in which artists quickly create paintings on large canvases. They use informal strokes, large brushes and sometimes apply drops of paints to the canvas.

In short, they express emotions and mood through painting, using dynamic colors and textures.

The artist’s goal with this method is the spontaneous expression of the inner world (subconscious) through chaotic forms that are not logically organized.

Some artists of this style: Ed Reinhardt, Albert Kotin, Evgeny Mikhnov-Voitenko, Adolf Gottlieb, Arshil Gorki, Barnett Newman.

Continuing the story of famous artists of the style of abstractionism

Kazimir Malevich

Абстракции Казимира Малевича

The artist became famous for his painting «Black Square» (Pictured), which became a symbol of abstractionism and at the same time the Russian avant-garde in the person of Malevich got a way into suprematism.

For the first time, viewers saw «Black Square» in Petrograd in 1915.

This is the most conceptual painting of Malevich and one of the most discussed and most famous paintings in world art.

The three basic suprematic forms — square, circle and cross — were, as it were, standards. Stimulating further complication of the Suprematic system, from which new Suprematic forms later appeared.

The paintings «Black Circle» and «Black Cross» were created simultaneously with the «Black Square,» the audience saw them at the same exhibition. Together with the square, the circle and cross represented the three main elements of the Suprematic system.

Mikhail Larionov and Natalia Goncharova

Абстракции Гончаровой и Архипенко

Contributed to the development of Russian abstractionism. Natalia Goncharova, in addition to writing abstract paintings, was known as a stage designer. In 1914, at the invitation of Sergei Diaghilev, he left with her husband for Paris to design performances. She was also engaged in book illustration.

In the photo (1), her painting «Women with a Rake.»

Alexander ArkhipenkoАлександр Архипенко

Sculptor and artist, created abstract sculptures such as «Gondolier» (photo 2).

In 1921 he opened his own studio school in Berlin. In 1923 he moved to the United States where he lived and worked. Arkhipenko’s works are presented in many major museums in Europe, Israel, and the USA.

Ivan Marchuk

Known for his fantastic and mystical compositions, for example, the painting «The Sun over the City.»

Pavel Filonov

He experimented with multi-layered painting. In the photo is an example of his abstract painting, «Drummers.» (3)

The artist made scenery for the performance of Vladimir Mayakovsky.

Pavel Filonov wrote the article «Canon and Law,» which formulated his artistic principles: anti-cubism, and the transition from private to general.

Filonov, unlike Cubists, does not break away from nature but seeks to comprehend it, analyzing the elements of the form in their continuous development.

Foreign artists also left a mark on abstractionism

Pete Mondrian

Пит Мондреан и другие абстракционисты

Since 1913, Mondrian’s paintings have developed towards geometric abstract foundations consisting of black horizontal and vertical lines.

Gradually, the arrangement of lines on the canvas was ordered to such an extent that they began to be regular lattices with cells. Used bright primary colors.

In this style, the artist created a series of paintings, for example, «Red, Yellow and Blue.»

(Pictured at number 1)

Newmann, Barnett

Known for his abstract large-format works.

His paintings are in most monochromatic surfaces, as if «stitched» with color lines contrasting the main tone.

Newman destroyed all his early works (made in forty years of his life). For the rest of his career, he created 120 works, received recognition as one of the outstanding artists in America only at the age of 60.

One of the famous paintings «Voice of Fire.» (Pictured 2).

The purchase of «Voice of Fire» by the National Gallery of Canada for its permanent collection at one time caused much controversy among the public.

And in 2014, leading experts at the National Gallery of Canada estimated the cost of Newman’s masterpiece at $40 million

Frantisek Kupka

Абстракции Купка и Делонеused color and form to convey dynamics in his works, for example, Amphora. Fugue in two colors «(pictured).

Robert Delaunay

He created a series of paintings with geometric figures and bright colors, for example, «Symbolic contrasts: sun and moon» (pictured above).

These artists have made significant contributions to the development of abstractionism, each with its own unique style and approach. Their abstraction paintings continue to inspire and delight people around the world, to delight museum visitors, and some of them can be bought at auction.

Why abstract paintings are so loved by modern interior designers

Абстрактные картины Цветковой Надежды

Interior designers like to use paintings of the abstraction genre in the decor of premises for several reasons.

First, harmony with different styles: Abstraction paintings are often a versatile piece of decor that can fit into different interior styles.

They can be used in modern, minimalist spaces as well as in classic or elegant interiors, adding a touch of modernity and originality.

Second, abstract paintings can serve as an important emphasis indoors, attracting attention and creating a central point around which the rest of the interior can be organized.

They can be used to emphasize a specific section of the wall, expand the space, or bring dynamics to the composition.

The use of abstraction paintings in the decor of rooms allows designers to experiment with shapes, colors and expressiveness, creating unique and attractive interiors that can evoke emotions and impressions among visitors.

On our website you can purchase stylish author’s abstract paintings by the artist Nadezhda Tsvetkova, participants in Russian and international exhibitions.

In the photo: an abstract painting by the artist «Music,» dedicated to blues compositions on the piano of the famous performer Sergei Sokolov.

In the picture, Nadezhda Tsvetkova managed to convey the fluidity and positivity of music in color and forms.

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