Stylish paintings in the interior: tips and fresh ideas

Картины в интерьере Цветковой Надежды

Beautiful wallpaper, high-quality furniture, well-chosen combination of colors is of course important for creating a stylish interior. But to give him home comfort or a certain highlight will help the picture. These can be reproductions of works by famous artists or the work of modern authors, the main thing is that everything looks harmonious.

The tips collected in this article will help you take the first steps in creating a stylish fashion or classic interior using paintings. (In the photo – landscapes of the artist Tsvetkova Nadezhda).

We choose paintings for the interior by color

цветовой круг подбор картин в интерьер

So that the room you are going to decorate with a painting looks stylish, you need to correctly approach the combination of colors.

There are two options:

–  Choose a painting in the tone of the rest of the interior. Then the room will look harmonious, fresh and restrained. For example, the interior in blue colors and the seascape.

–  Try playing on contrast. In this case, the main thing is not to overrun. Do not choose screaming, acidic colors on canvas, since the buzz of colors in the room can negatively affect not only the perception of the interior as a whole, but also the health of the owners.

What contrasting colors work well together? The ones that are opposite each other in the color circle (see the photo above).

Another important point when choosing a color scheme is to understand what role the paintings will play for the interior.

If the picture serves as an addition to the decor, then it should be a continuation of the overall composition, not to break out of the overall style, otherwise it will look ridiculous. Choose calm tones, pleasant images, which can be flowers, rural or urban landscapes.

If you decide to focus on the canvas, then in this case it can contrast with the general idea of the decor. Be bold, attracting the attention of guests and home owners. Bright modern works and abstraction can be used as decoration.

Stylish paintings for the interior that fit harmoniously in color will make the room modern and memorable. But it’s one thing to combine paintings with decor in color and quite another to choose the right size, so as not to make a small room visually even smaller, and a large one strange.

How to choose paintings for home interior by size

So that after buying the long-awaited canvas, you do not go about the apartment and do not think where to hang it, before buying it, you should clearly understand what place it will occupy. There are some very useful tips on how not to lose money with the purchase and give the room a chic look.

1. If you have chosen a place for the future picture of the home interior, carefully look at the level below, what will be under it: a bed, a sofa, a table or a trellis. The length of the picture should not exceed the length of half of the object over which it will be located.

Modular paintings, such as a triptych or diptych, should be two-thirds the size of the object over which they will be placed.

2. Pay attention also to the point of view. If you are proud of the purchase, and you want all the guests to admire it, look around the room and find a place from which it will be convenient to look at the picture. It is also worth paying attention to the distance from the canvas to the point of view.

It is believed that the picture is best viewed from a distance that will be twice the height of the picture. So, if the height of the canvas is one meter, it is most convenient to look at it from a distance of two meters. Hence, it is logical to assume that it is not appropriate to place large-sized work in a small room.

3 Now the most important thing is the area of the room.

If the room is small, decorate the walls with several small works that are united by a common theme. In spacious rooms, on the contrary, the paintings should be large. Designers often resort to such a technique as the “illusion of scale”. They advise you to decorate small rooms with large paintings, but do not hang them, but put them on a stand or just leave them on the floor, leaning on the wall.

We choose Paintings for the interior according to its style

3 выбираем картины для интерера по стилю

Картина не только украшение комнаты, она должна отражать предназначение той или иной комнаты и наполнять ее дополнительным смыслом.

  • The picture is not only a decoration of the room, it should reflect the purpose of a particular room and fill it with additional meaning.
  • If your interior is made in the style of Provence, then the canvases that are created on the principle of Biedermeyer are perfect here. (The image of provincial domestic scenes of a chamber nature often with a simple person in the role of the main character).
  • For the interior of high-tech, minimalism, the most advantageous options for painting styles can be surrealism, cubism, underground or expressionism.
  • For the interior in the Art Nouveau style, works made in the direction of neoclassicism, art Nouveau are suitable.
  • If the interior is made in the style of pop art, then it will suit the paintings made in the same heat.
3 выбираем картины для интерера по стилю спальня

As for specific rooms, in the bedroom, it is best to leave a picture that depicts flowers in pastel colors, a calm sea, a sunset, a rural landscape, a river or lake, a starry sky, a calm environment that gives peace and serenity.

Paintings for the interior of the living room can be anything, it all depends on your imagination, as well as on the overall concept of the interior.

In the children’s room, you can “settle” the child’s favorite characters, pictures of children, fun games, sweets or entertainment.

The kitchen and dining room can be decorated with works depicting folk cuisine, fresh pastries, flowers, and fruits. The main thing is to avoid shades of blue, as they discourage the appetite.

In the hallway, you should give preference to abstract paintings that attract attention and thus help to distract, for example, from a hard day’s work.

Where to buy paintings for home interiors

Где купить картины для домашнего интерера

When you have finally decided on the choice of a particular canvas, it remains only to understand where to buy a picture for the interior in your city. Now you can buy works of modern authors not only at exhibitions. Many talented artists exhibit their work in personal interactive galleries with the possibility of purchase and delivery.

On my website, you can see the works, and understand which oil on canvas painting to buy will look most profitable in the style of your interior.

All the paintings are painted with love, all of them have their own meaning and mystery. Decorate your home with stylish works that will delight the heart and soul of not only the owners, but also the guests. Delivery in Russia and around the world.

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